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Selling Interactive Experiences is So Darn Tough!

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You’re right it is, and quite frankly shouldn’t it be? Taking what people love and know about their tablets and mobile phones, then combining that with what most businesses are still in the infancy stage of understanding (digital signage and large video display marketing); all in hopes of unleashing the power of interactivity, engagement, and effectiveness is by no means an easy or out-of-the-box task.

Custom Software Designed to Capture Specific Metrics at New Meadowlands Stadium

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One of the greatest strengths of a custom interactive experience is its ability to capture specific success metrics. The ability to capture metrics is one of the major weakness of off-the-shelf interactive software becuase there's no possible way to predict the objectives when analytics are generalized for a one-size-fits-all model.

The Busy IT Guy’s Guide to Interactive Technology

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You’re a busy IT guy. You’ve turned being a “geek” into a pretty great way to make a living. But chances are, you’re spread way too thin by having to support multiple departments, and let me guess -- you’re expected to specialize in anything that happens on a screen. That’s just impossible!

The Importance of Creating a Buzz Within Your Organization Before Your Touch-Screen Experience Launches

Nike-Town Touch Screen Retail Experience

The greatest asset you have invested in is not your product or service. It’s not even your awesome new touch technology, it’s your employees. That is why generating excitement within your organization before your in-store touch screen experience is launched is critical to its success.

How to Get Your Boss to Say YES to Interactive

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First, let me provide a little context. This blog was written to help you get your interactive hardware and software budget approved. Interactivity is a fairly new concept to most businesses, and if you don't know how to tie objectives to results with our products - chances are you're not going to get the funds. We ask you to take a long hard look at your concept before you pitch it - we would be doing you a huge disservice if we didn't at least point this out. 

How to turn on your touch screen tutorial

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Connecting and turning on your touch screen monitor isn't rocket science. Still, that doesn't mean that a new piece of technology and a bag of cables and cords can't seem intimidating. You do have a set up manual that comes with your display - but in cases like this watching a video is way more effective, right?

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The Unspoken Truths of Touch Screen Content

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First, let’s start with some stats I painstakingly researched on the internet for 5 minutes:

A Large Format Touch Screen Costs What?!

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Although there are plenty of experiences in a person’s life to remind them “you get what you pay for,” there are still many stalwarts out there who believe that the cheaper way is the better way. We at Horizon hear this all time. An integrated touch display costs what?! Well sure, you can buy a consumer grade TV, slap on a touch overlay and call it a day, but where will that get you? I can guarantee Frankenscreen will be in the trash before you can say “I shoulda listened to Horizon.”

Interactive Technology in King Hall UC Davis School of Law

King Hall Interactive Project

 Touch Screen Monitors give students and visitors an interactive experience at the UC Davis School of Law, King Hall.

Things Just Get Better With Interactive Technology


The world is missing more things that make other things better. What do I mean by better? Just better - like crazy mustaches on anyone, or bacon on anything. I'd add interactive technology to this list. Check out these videos which showcase how interactive technology is making Japan, Israel and Pakistan just a little better. 

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