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The Importance of Creating a Buzz Within Your Organization Before Your Touch-Screen Experience Launches

Posted by Jessica Webster on Thu, Sep, 26, 2013 @ 13:09 PM

Nike-Town Touch Screen Retail Experience

The greatest asset you have invested in is not your product or service. It’s not even your awesome new touch technology, it’s your employees. That is why generating excitement within your organization before your in-store touch screen experience is launched is critical to its success.

Your people can easily become evangelists of your new interactive experience . . . or they can become your worst nightmare.

For example, deploying a completely self-sufficient virtual concierge in your hotel lobby without generating any internal excitement can quickly create tension among your human concierges. Understandably, word on the street may be that they’re getting replaced by these robots who don’t need lunch breaks or healthcare. 

What you should do is simply let your people know what they can be expecting. No matter how beautifully designed or optimized your interface is, if it is ignored it will not be generating any ROI. Whet your employees' appetites with tidbits here and there about the exciting benefits of this technology that is to come. 

What you should not do is tell them to just use it. Top down pressure isn’t scalable. It only lasts so long before people become stifled by too many processes that haven’t been explained to them. Great employees want direction on where they’re going, not directions on how to get there.

What you should do is call a meeting and walk them through the interface. Explain the desired customer action resulting from this interactive experience. Is the goal an in-store purchase? Is it to leave contact information for further nurturing? Is it to showcase one of your amazing products or services for a potential customer to share with their social networks? Then explain to them how any of these things will bring the organization success. Knowing the “why” is empowering and that will result in enthusiastic adoption of your touch experience.

Explain to your team that this is an opportunity for them to do what they do best, that multi-touch technology only enhances what they, the valued humans do best. It is a tool they can utilize to make their jobs more efficient and dynamic while creating a memorable experience for their customer.

Ask for them for feedback. Your employees are the ones who will be using it day-in-and day out. And being in the trenches, they may even know your customers better than you or their managers. Even if you have no immediate plans for revamping the experience, your employees’ oppositions and excitement will be heard, and that matters to them.


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